Bicarbonate Of Soda with Jar - Local Delivery

Bicarbonate Of Soda with Jar - Essex/Suffolk/Cambs Delivery 

Bicarbonate Of Soda with Jar - Local Delivery

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Bicarbonate Of Soda with Jar

This is the Bicarbonate of Soda Jar option. Head to the refill page if you already have a suitable container.

This jar is a Fill screen-printed jar.

  • Part of Fill's RAW range
  • Screen-printed
  • Perfect for generic, natural cleaning around the home
  • Refillable
  • Vegan + not tested on animals
  • Made in the UK
  • Closed loop system = less waste!
  • Delivered plastic free
  • Earn 2 Pear Points for every £1 spent with our Rewards Scheme

How to use

Boost laundry - add two tbsp to the machine drawer.

Hard surface cleaning - mix 1:100 in water. Mix into a paste for tile, counter or sink scrub.

Absorb odours - sprinkle in the bottom of bins, shoes, and fridges to absorb odours.


100% Sodium Bicarbonate from UK sources

Delivery Information

Delivery is charged at a flat rate of £1 per order.

We deliver to specific postcodes on each day.

If you're choosing a refill option, please leave your clean containers outside in a safe place for us to refill and return to.

Please see our Refill Delivery Information page for full details.

Why Refill

Refilling instead of re-buying can cut out a huge amount of single use plastic.

We have carefully chosen suppliers who operate on a closed loop system.

This means that when our bulk barrels are empty, they get picked up, washed out and refilled ready for re-delivery.

This cuts out any waste and creates a circular, closed loop system.

By refilling your containers and bottles, you are reducing your single use plastic footprint! 

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