CO2 Decaf Breakfast Tea - Loose Leaf

Plastic Free CO2 Decaf Breakfast Tea - Loose Leaf-Green Pear Eco
Plastic Free CO2 Decaf Breakfast Tea - Loose Leaf-Green Pear Eco
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CO2 Decaf Breakfast Tea - Loose Leaf

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Description - Plastic Free CO2 Decaf Breakfast Tea

A smooth loose leaf, black tea from Sri Lanka with a slightly malty taste. Strong enough to take milk but delicious without.

Did you know? CO2 decaffeination is a new process and is a much healthier step up from the older and more standard process used to strip tea of its caffeine, as it involves many harmful chemicals and can leave behind a chemical residue!

However this new process involves CO2 which is a natural alternative, it also leaves the tea tasting much fresher as it doesn't reduce any of the taste. This means that you are left with a cleaner, more intact and healthier brew.

Fancy plastic free tea bags instead of loose leaf? Head on over to the tea bag page.

Pack size - 150g

  • Packaged in a plastic free cornstarch bag - home compostable
  • Leafy Tea support the Fisherman's Rest charity in Malawi
  • Earn 16 Pear Points and get 10% off your next order with our Referral and Reward Scheme 🍐

Reusable Tea Bags

Get your reusable tea bags here.​


Infuse a teaspoon of tea for 2-5 minutes depending on strength. Add milk if desired.

About The Leafy Tea Company

The Leafy Tea Company was set up in 2016 by a 16 year old called April.

She set up her company 8 months before a school trip to Malawi to volunteer with a charity called Fisherman's Rest.

While in Malawi, April visited a nearby tea plantation and was inspired by the way they supported the local community and their workers.

The Leafy Tea Company still supports Fisherman's Rest and imports the tea plantations leaves for their Breakfast Tea and Green Tea blends.

We decided to stock The Leafy Tea Company after sampling a range of their delicious blends. Not only are the teas amazing, we were so happy to see a young company with eco-friendly goals and vision from the get go.

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