How To Make Your Own Bread

We’ve been making our own bread for over a year now and we wouldn’t look back!

This recipe was passed down from Dan’s mom when we first got back from travelling and even though it took us a few attempts, we now find that it’s foolproof.

Here’s how we make our three (to six) loaves a week…


1kg white bread flour

500g wholemeal or country grain bread flour

920ml tepid water

21g quick activated yeast OR 45g fresh yeast

TIP: fresh yeast can sometimes be picked up (usually free) in the bakery part of your local supermarket. Make sure you take your Tupperware along with you!


  1. If using fresh yeast, pop this in a mug with two tsp of sugar and add a cup full of tepid water (from the 920ml above) - leave for 15 minutes until activated (you’ll see it fizzing)
  1. Add both types of flour to a large mixing bowl (you’ll want to use the largest you’ve got) - add your fresh yeast mixture OR your quick activated yeast
  1. Add your water slowly and mix until there’s no dry flour but not too much that it’s sloppy or too sticky
  1. Using your hands, mix well and scrape all the mixture out onto your surface
  1. Knead. When it starts to take shape and hold together set a timer or peek at the clock and knead for ten minutes
  1. Once finished, your dough should hold its shape and spring back when prodded (gently!)
  1. Leave to prove for one hour with a damp tea towel covering the bowl 
  1. After one hour you should see that the dough has risen substantially 
  1. Karate chop, scrape out and divide between three bread tins and leave to prove for a further 20 minutes
  1. Score three times on top of each loaf and whack them in the oven on 230°C. Turn the heat down to 200°C after 10 minutes and bake for a further 20-25 minutes (keep checking, different ovens often cook differently)
  1. Carefully remove from the oven, tip upside down onto a cooling rack. The bottom of the loaf should sound hollow to tap with your finger (again, carefully!)
  1. Leave to cool overnight or for a period of a few hours and then, if you're like us, eat all three in two days and start the process again

If you’re not up for making your own and live locally to Saffron Walden, here are a few of our favourite micro bakeries around the area!

@theloaftin - SW and surrounds

@raisedinrampton - Cambs and surrounds

@kbroffee - Haverhill and surrounds