Nationwide Refill Delivery

This service is for those who don't live in our local delivery area and don't have their own local refill shop easily accessible.

We ship 5L jerry cans full of our eco-friendly products for you to refill your smaller bottles at home. For powders, we use fully home compostable pouches.

When the 5L cans are empty, please send them back to us to help keep this system closed-loop. Sending back your cans is free! Read more on this below.

Reduce, reuse, refill.


It's really important to us to not be like some of the big players and to 'greenwash'. We do this by making sure we're reducing plastic, not adding to the problem.

While our 5L jerry cans are made from plastic, they're fully recyclable and reusable. However, we don't want them to be recycled until the very end of their life!

Recycling plastic is not the answer as it isn't an infinitely recyclable material.

This is why we want our system to be closed-loop - a circular system where items get reused instead of recycled or thrown away.

We can achieve this by you playing your part and sending back your jerry cans to us in a clean and undamaged condition. This means we can reuse the jerry cans and send them out to more customers, reducing the need for us to buy more 5L cans.

One jerry can can save 10, 500ml plastic bottles from landfill. When that jerry can is looked after and kept in good condition, the number of plastic bottles it can save is endless.

Free Returns

To keep this system closed-loop and encourage everyone to take part, we're now offering FREE returns on the jerry cans. 

This isn't even something the big players are offering!

So please help us keep this working by only sending a minimum of two jerry cans back to us - but the more the merrier (and more cost efficient!).