An Introduction To Us

by Gabriella Ghelani

Hello! Thanks for visiting our shop and opening this blog post to find out more about us!

We're Dan and Gabs from a little market town near Cambridge, UK. Gabs is a communications professional and Dan spent eight years as a personal trainer before changing careers to become a postman.

We both attended the same secondary school and sixth form college but it wasn't until we were 24 before we re-met.

At the age of 25 (the quarter life crisis age), we both decided a career break was in order and set off traveling for 15 months. We documented most of our journey on our travel blog so if you're interested in that at all, feel free to have a read.

 GreenPearEco Eco-Friendly Products UK

Traveling did exactly what it was supposed to and opened our eyes to the rest of the world. We saw rural towns in Australia being plastic bag free, we saw recycling schemes far superior to the UK's in New Zealand. There were examples all over the place of people being more eco-conscious.

For the last three months of our trip, we traveled around South East Asia. This is were we saw a stark contrast and were shocked into changing our habits. Rubbish from all over the world was washing up on once pristine beaches and was killing marine life. Something had to change and set about how to accomplish it.

Even with the more eco-conscious minds in Australia and New Zealand, the amount of waste being produced by first world countries is shocking and is a problem that desperately needs addressing.

Plastic on beach

Arriving back to the UK was the start of our more sustainable lives. We set about researching plastic-free swaps for our every day. Of course, this sustainable lifestyle wasn't limited to plastic. We've reevaluated our diets, stopped buying clothes new, ditched fast fashion, we walk more and shop at our local grocers. We've started to car-pool to work and up-cycle everything we bring into the house. It's been a real mind-set change. 

While sourcing the day to day alternatives for ourselves, we realised that it wasn't the easiest of jobs. The convenience we were used to when buying plastic products wasn't the same when buying plastic-free or sustainable items.

If two people who were shocked into change and really wanted to buy plastic-free straight away couldn't find these alternatives easily, why would people who weren't as passionate put the effort in?

So, what was better than two people going plastic-free? Helping everyone understand the importance of sustainability and go low-waste in their own lives.

We're by no means perfect, we are constantly trying to improve and learn more. Rome wasn't built in a day so we're not expecting ourselves or anyone else to become zero waste and plastic-free overnight. But if we all do our bit, only positive change can happen.

We're always open to feedback and conversation so feel free to get in touch! If there's any product you want to see on the website or any how-to videos etc. we'd especially love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading and getting on board.

Dan and Gab


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