Price Comparisons

Refilling as part of a circular economy is a sustainable choice that is often accompanied by the misconception of being expensive.

We're here to break that myth.

Through our price comparison below, you'll see that refilling can not only be environmentally conscious but also cost-effective.

In fact, our refilling options are competitively priced or even more affordable than household brands or other 'eco' brands.

Take a look below at the savings and environmental benefits that come with choosing to refill with us. Make the smart choice for your wallet and the planet – join us in the journey to a greener and more economical lifestyle.

We only stock UK-made, closed-loop refill brands. By closed-loop we mean that our refills work on a circular model rather than linear. When our large refills drums are empty, they are returned back to the manufacturer to be cleaned, refilled, and sent back to us. This is instead of the linear model where our cans would be recycled and new cans would be used each time we needed more stock.

Choosing UK-made and circular systems reduces the carbon footprint of our service through reduced transportation and less packaging, and helps to support local economies.

In contrast, did you know that Ecover's parent company is SC Johnson? Ecover products are made in Belgium and their refills do not work on a closed-loop circular system.