Our Goal

Where our journey began

Thanks to the likes of David Attenborough, the presence of the low-waste/climate-strike movement and our education growing up, we always knew climate change was real and happening. We also knew that plastic waste was a massive contributing factor and global problem.

However, it wasn't until traveling through Asia when we really had a stark eye opener. Beautiful countries with amazing people were being destroyed by human consumerism and wasteful ways. Beaches were covered in rubbish, sea animals being washed up dead through ingesting plastic. Whole landscapes were changing on a mass scale which was really hard to see.

We knew it was bad, but seeing it first hand shocked us into wanting to do more.

Fast forward to 2020 and we're well and truly on our way to living a more sustainable lifestyle. We now aim to be as close to low waste as possible or at the very least, 100% recyclable/plastic-free. Saying no to single-use plastic was our first big step. Now we want to spread what we've learnt, the swaps we've made and products we think are fantastic with other people.

The problem as we see it

Now this is all well and good but we're two people on a highly populated planet. You only need to walk through a supermarket to realise the scale of the plastic problem. It's everywhere. How much difference are we actually making?

Well, we believe it all starts with education. From a young age we remember using plastic straws not knowing the facts about single use plastics. It isn't until the education is in place that people can change.

We started close to home and spoke to friends and family about their consumer needs and making the switches to more eco-friendly products. This gave us another eye opener, it's so hard to convince people to make the switch, even those who have the education and are aware of the problems.

Why should they switch away from cheap convenience?

Our goal 

It is our aim to make eco-friendly products more accessible for everyone and to convert the more 'hard to sway' people away from plastic. From bottles to bars, from single use to reusable.

By reading this far, we know that you are like us and probably share our frustrations. Everyone knows someone (or maybe even is someone) who always buys washing up liquid in plastic bottles, uses their plastic toothbrushes and shaves with plastic razors. All done with the knowledge that the world is struggling. Ecosystems are changing. Plastic is polluting the oceans and wildlife is dying in front of us.

Shopping around for our own eco-friendly products to make the switch away from plastics wasn't easy. We struggled to find a 'one-stop-shop' with all the products we wanted. So we decided to give it a go ourselves. It will take time but we will strive to have a range of products to help everyone make swaps away from plastic throughout their homes.

So please, help us help them make the switch to more eco-friendly products. Share the word, share our shop, write some reviews and buy some gifts. We're always open to feedback, good or bad so we can continue to improve!

As Anne Marie Bonneau perfectly said:

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly."

Be the change.

Thanks so much for the support,

Gabs and Dan