MACK BioPods



Introducing the new, biotech cleaners by MACK.

Bringing something new to the market, MACK have designed these cleaners to be incredibly effective while being plastic-free and affordable.

How do MACK BioPods work?

With millions of helpers is how! Using good bacteria, MACK have created these effective cleaners that keep working for up to 28 days after the first clean.

Initially, the cleaning is done by fermentation extracts, enzymes and green surfactants. These highly biodegradable actives instantly lift dirt, oil or grease and grime from the surfaces.

Then the natural good bacteria gets to work digesting the dissolved dirt and grime, eliminating odours. The process causes the production of more good bacteria, more enzymes, carbon dioxide and water - nothing harmful at all!

The bacteria continue cleaning days after the initial clean creating a 'biofilm'.

It is important to note that many traditional cleaners, which contain chemicals, will kill the biofilm that has built up. As a result, it is important, once you start, to remember to ‘Keep It MACK’!

Are MACK BioPods eco-friendly?

Yes! They tick all the boxes. They're vegan, cruelty-free, plastic-free and made in the UK.

They also contain no palm oil and all the ingredients are fully biodegradable.

Reduce plastic waste and harsh chemicals by making the switch to MACK BioPods!

Do MACK products include stickers?

Only on the products that need a spray bottle - and don't worry, they're plastic free!

I have a septic tank, can I use them?

Yes! BioPods are septic tank friendly.

How long do they last?

Once diluted, the cleaners remain effective for up to three months.

What varieties are there?

There are 11 variants of MACK BioPod covering everything you'd expect (anti-bac, multi-purpose) and others including drain un-blocker and washing machine cleaner!

Anti-Bac Cleaner (Auntie Bac):

The anti-bac and disinfectant spray called Auntie Bac. Use this in an old 500ml-750ml spray bottle.

Multi-surface Cleaner (Ocean Potion):

This one is for the hard surfaces such as worktops, walls, mirrors and glass. Use this in an old 500ml-750ml spray bottle.

Kitchen Degreaser (Fat Buoy):

Superior degreaser and cleaner for all food prep areas. For really stubborn stains use 2 applications, followed by Auntie Bac for a disinfected clean. Use this in an old 500ml-750ml spray bottle.

Kitchen & Bathroom Allrounder (The Shining):

The Shining is a daily descaler spray for shower cubicles, baths, sinks, taps and toilets. Keep shining! Use this in an old 500ml-750ml spray bottle.

Floor Cleaner (WTF):

Wash Those Floors (WTF) is a concentrated cleaner and degreaser developed for use on floors. Save water by changing the way you mop! Simply spray this from a 500ml-750ml spray bottle and use a damp mop.

Drain Unblocker (Dr Dre'n):

This is a citrus scented formula that clears slow moving drains caused by build ups of soap scum, hair and debris. The enzymatic action will break down the substances that cause the blockage to aid the flow of wastewater.

Dissolve in a 1-litre container with warm water and pour about 250ml down each plug hole - leave for at least 4 hours or overnight for best results.

Drain Maintainer (Hairy Scumbag):

For regular use to keep pipes, drains and plug holes running freely. Use Dr Dre’n to deal with any blockages and use Hairy Scumbag as a maintainer every month.

Dissolve Hairy Scumbag in a 1 litre jug of warm water and pour approx 250ml down each plug hole. Allow 4 hours before you use the sink or drain to let the enzymes and the Million Little Helpers (good bacteria) to do their work.

Toilet Cleaner (To Rimfinity):

Where conventional toilet cleaners don't break down uric acid, this formula and it's million helpers does.

To use, grab a clean squeezy bottle or an empty toilet cleaning gel bottle and give it a good clean out making sure it's no smaller than 500ml but no bigger than 1L.

Pop in the BioPod, fill half-way with warm water and allow to dissolve and bubble up. Then fill to the brim, tip it upside down and back up again and leave for at least 2 hours. The longer you leave it, the gloopier and stickier it becomes, so even better adhesion to the toilet bowl.

Surface Deodoriser (Bad Medicine):

This is NOT a air freshener. This is a surface deodoriser with a cherry scent. It's perfect for dealing with footwear, pet beds, cushions and sofas. Always test on an inconspicuous area first.  

Add the BioPod to a clean 500 – 750ml trigger bottle, fill with warm water and shake to dissolve. 

Toilet Descaler (Not Guilty):

Lemon-scented limescale remover for toilets. Simply drop one BioPod into the toilet, wait for the fizzing to start and use a brush to scrub inside the bowl. Pack contains 2 BioPods.

Cleaner Cleaner (Squeaky Clean):

A lemon-scented washing machine and dishwasher cleaner to help keep appliances running efficiently. Pack contains 2 BioPods.

Pop one BioPod into an empty machine and run a regular cycle.