The Seven Easiest Plastic-Free Swaps

We can't deny it, there's definitely a difficulty scale when it comes to low-waste swaps. Not all of them are easy.

But some are so easy that there really is no excuse not to make the switch, we've come up with the first changes we made when we were travelling (so even before going low-waste full time!) and the ones that we think are most important.

Top 7 plastic free swaps

1. Eco Friendly toothbrushes

Every single plastic toothbrush you have ever used is still on this planet. This stat isn't exclusive for under-20s, no matter how old you are, every single one is still around.

Just think about that for a moment, how many do you think you've used in your lifetime? There's an easy way to keep those pearly whites shining and not harm the planet! 

When we recently made the switch, we were so surprised we hadn't done it sooner. There isn't a transition phase, there isn't any changes to your routine, you simply buy an eco-friendly toothbrush instead of a plastic one! 

Of course they do feel a bit different, but after a couple of uses they become the norm. If you're looking to level up your low-waste dental routine, check out our eco-friendly toothpaste (in a fully recyclable jar) and natural floss!  


2. Reusable water bottles

Number two on the list are reusable water bottles. Again, like the bamboo toothbrushes, there's no real reason not to invest in a good water bottle.

The one and only thing making this switch slightly harder than the convenience of a plastic water bottle is remembering to pack them.

Once you get in that routine and remember to take them where ever you go, you'll never buy a plastic water bottle again.

We use steel water bottles which keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours as well as hot liquids hot for up to 12 hours.

The steel ones also tend to have a longer shelf-life than a cheap plastic one - we've been using ours for over a year and they're still going strong. 

3. Make up pads

Make up pads have been one of our best sellers and for a great reason, they're fantastic!

You'll never have to buy plastic wrapped, single use cotton rounds or make-up wipes again.

These reusable ones are made from cotton and bamboo and are fully biodegradable at the end of their life. 


4. Keep cups

Ah coffee. Where would we be without it? Still in bed most probably.

Millions of us drink the stuff every day and unfortunately, most of these are in coffee cups that are frankly, terrible for the environment.

Just like the reusable water bottles, the only problem with these is remembering to take them with you!

For us, we were strict and didn't buy coffee at all if we didn't have our keep cups with us. This quickly got us in the habit of taking ours everywhere!

You can now get your reusable glass coffee cup from our shop in four gorgeous colours.

Glass is the most sustainable alternative to disposable coffee cups. It is forever recyclable unlike plastic, which after 2-3 times cannot be used anymore.

5. Reusable produce bags/tote bags

We've all seen the news on plastic bags, the bag for life and the marine life it kills. But regardless of how bad they are, sales are still rising. We can't figure out why!

Buck the trend and get yourself some reusable produce bags/tote bags. Simply keep them in your car or backpack or where ever you choose and never buy another plastic carrier bag again.

Don't just use your totes for your food shop! A UK study found that your average cotton carrier needs to be used 131 times 'to ensure that they have lower global warming potential than conventional HDPE carrier bags that are not reused'.

6. Paper tape

Possibly the easiest swap of them all. Instead of using sticky tape which is non-recyclable plastic, make the switch to paper tape.

Fully biodegradable and works just as well! It may not be clear but when packing parcels and presents, opt for the more rustic/natural look. It's all the rage on Insta, we swear! 

We use paper tape for our packaging and it can be left on the boxes when you recycle it. 


7. Who gives a crap 

Toilet paper. Something that often gets over looked when looking at swaps. But when you give it some thought, toilet paper comes wrapped in plastic and 15% of global deforestation is due to toilet paper alone. Plastic and deforestation, pretty bad.

So what's the solution to this problem you're now aware of? Who gives a crap! We're not being rude, they're a company who produce 100% recycled toilet paper. That's toilet paper made from 100% recycled paper.

WGAC are a brilliant company who do great things. They donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need.

To date they've donated over $2.5m Aussie dollars (that’s the equivalent of a little over £1,400,000!) to charity and saved a heck of a lot of trees, water and energy. 

You can read more on their impact and make the swap here


Have you made any of these swaps? How are you finding your eco-journey? Have we missed something out? Comment below!