Rewards and Referrals

We believe loyalty should be rewarded. So that's exactly what we do! Thanks to our rewards system, you can earn 'Pear Points' for spending money with us and liking/sharing us on your socials. Not only that. If you refer us to friends or family, you both receive £5 off! 

Scroll down to find a step by step on how to sign up.


How to earn

Here's a breakdown of what you can earn.

  • Share on Facebook and Twitter for 50 Pear Points each
  • Like or follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for 10 Pear Points each
  • For every £1 spent with us, you earn 2 Pear Points

Points mean prizes

For every 100 Pear Points you earn you receive £1 off.

That means all you have to do to receive your first £1 off is share us on Twitter and Facebook. Simple as that!

Terms and conditions

Minimum order of £10 applies to receive discount. 


To refer a friend, you have to sign up to our rewards scheme and find your unique referral link. Spread this everywhere and when people click on it, sign up and make an order, you earn £5 off.

Terms and conditions

To receive £5 off, a minimum order of £20 is required.

How to sign up

1. Go to our homepage and click the rewards button

2. If you don't have an account already, click 'Join now'.

If you do, click 'Sign in'.

3. This will take you out of the rewards page and open up the create account page or sign in page


4. After signing up and/or signing in, open up the rewards page again by clicking the rewards button

5. For rewards, click on 'ways to earn' to browse your options


6. For referrals, click 'refer your friends' to bring up your referral link and buttons to share the link


That's it! You're up and running and earning points. When you've hit your first 100 points, you can claim you £1 discount. When you've referred somebody and they use your link, you'll get an email with your discount code.

Thank you for your loyalty and helping us spread the word! 

Any questions, please use the contact us tab and ask away and we'll be happy to help.

Dan and Gab

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