The Eco-Friendly Way to Shave: Safety Razors

In the era of eco-conscious living, safety razors are making a comeback as the ultimate sustainable shaving solution.

Let's explore why these razors are the eco-warrior's choice and how they stack up against their plastic counterparts.

bamboo safety razor

What is a Safety Razor?

Dating back over a century, safety razors have undergone a transformation from their original straight razor form to today's sleek, bamboo-handled design. King Camp Gillette's invention in 1905 revolutionized shaving, making it safer and more accessible to the masses.

Safety Razor vs Plastic, Single-Use Razor

While plastic razors dominate the market, their environmental impact is undeniable.

Disposable plastic razors contribute to landfill waste and pollution, whereas safety razors offer a sustainable alternative. They are reusable over and over again with just the fully recyclable double-edged razor blade to change.

Our safety razor is still going strong after years of use which has saved countless disposable plastic razors ending up in landfill.

How Do They Compare to Use?

Switching to a safety razor may require an adjustment period, but the benefits far outweigh the initial learning curve.

While safety razors may feel slightly heavier and bulkier at first, they deliver an incredibly close and smooth shave that rivals any plastic razor. You'll get used to using them in no time, trust us.

What Makes Them Eco-Friendly?

The eco-credentials of bamboo safety razors are impressive. With zero plastic in both the product and packaging, these razors offer a truly sustainable shaving experience.

From the bamboo handle to the recyclable razor blades, every aspect of the razor is designed with the environment in mind.

The main reason safety razors are eco-friendly is their ability to be reused endlessly. This saves a huge amount of plastic ending up in landfills. Safety razors for the win!

Safety Razor Cost Savings

Beyond their environmental benefits, safety razors offer significant cost savings in the long run.

While the initial investment may seem higher, the low cost of replacement razor blades means you'll save money over time. With each blade lasting several months, the savings quickly add up, making safety razors a smart choice for your wallet and the planet.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Transitioning to a safety razor may require some practice, but with the right techniques, you'll achieve a smooth shave every time.

  • Take it slow - leave yourself enough time to take it slowly (no rushed shaves when late!)
  • Get used to the grip and holding it in your hand - it's different to a plastic razor, you need to get used to the weight and feel of your new handle
  • Keep your razor at the right angle - the blade should be about 30° angle from the skin. Achieve this by keeping the handle at about 45° angle.
  • Don't push too hard - the weight of the razor and the steel blade will do all the work for you, keep it light and gentle otherwise you could cause little nicks and cuts
  • Use a shave soap to help the razor glide smoothly - a little lather goes a long way!
  • Keep the blade clean (easy to rinse out) and dry
  • Changing the blade is easy peasy - open the razor up, carefully take the blade out, pop a new one in and close it all back up again using the twisting handle
  • To recycle the blades there are a couple of options. One option is to buy a razor blade recycle tin to collect them and recycle them safely. Another is to collect them together safely (we use a jar) and enquire at local recycling centres or with your local council.

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