Please check our refill delivery information page before ordering to make sure you choose the correct delivery day. We deliver to each postcode on specific days.

    In our mission to help you reduce single use plastic, we are bringing bulk refills to you.

    By buying a 5L jerry can, you can refill your smaller bottles at home. This saves having to book refills as often which in turn:

    • Saves delivery fees - one delivery per 5L of liquid!
    • Saves carbon and road miles
    • Saves time and effort - order once every 5L instead of 5 times!

    We deliver to specific postcodes on specific days, please check the refill delivery information page to find out when we deliver to you.

    We deliver to each postcode at least once a week.

    Please note, there is £5 minimum order for delivery.

    How 5L refills work:

    To refill a 5L jerry can, please select 'Refill My Jerry' from the drop down menu on the relevant product page.

    You do not need to buy our jerry cans if you already have one! We can refill any jerry can you already have as long as it is clean.

    If you do need a new can, please choose the '5L jerry can + cap' option from the drop down menu. You can also add on empty amber glass bottles too if you need them.

    Please get in touch if you need any assistance with our website.

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