We often get asked what our favourite products are, so we've compiled a handy list of our top picks and the 'why story' behind the top three! 

    You can check out Gab's favourite ten list here.

    While we love all of our products and spend a long time researching and testing before we stock them, this selection are regularly used and loved by us in our day to day life.

    1 - Scrub Powder: Number one on my list is this amazing cleaning powder. It makes cleaning tough stains effortless - which is right up my street! There are no harsh chemicals and no overpowering, chemical smells. Available for with our local refill service AND nationwide shipping!

    2 - Toothbrushes: I love how you have a choice of bristle (soft, medium, firm), the bristles feel like they cover more of the toothbrush head than other brands and best of all, you can freepost the heads back to Georganics for recycling. The best I've tried by a long way.

    Joint 3rd - Hand & Body Lotion / Hand Sanitiser - Being a full time postman, I can get very dry skin on my hands. Having to use extra hand sanitiser throughout the pandemic was only making them worse too. Enter the Hand Gel made by Fill, those problems went away! It smells great, dries quick but doesn't dry out your hands. The Hand & Body Lotion has also been a life saver for me over the winter months. I literally can't pick between them!

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