Oxygen Bleach / Natural Bleach / Green Bleach / Sodium Percarbonate

Oxygen Bleach / Natural Bleach / Green Bleach / Sodium Percarbonate 

Oxygen Bleach / Natural Bleach / Green Bleach / Sodium Percarbonate

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Natural Bleach 750g Pouch

Oxygen bleach offers a biodegradable, non-toxic, and gentle alternative to chlorine bleach.

It efficiently eliminates stains and enhances the brightness of whites in your laundry. Dissolving in water above 40°C, it releases oxygen, serving as an effective stain remover and disinfectant.

Oxygen bleach, or green bleach, is made from sodium carbonate (soda crystals/washing soda) and hydrogen peroxide.

Make the switch away from chlorine bleaches to natural bleach, the safe and natural alternative. 

Packaged in a home-compostable pouch, this oxygen bleach is completely plastic-free.

  • 750g
  • Natural, versatile cleaner
  • Remove stains, unblock drains, general cleaning
  • Made in the UK
  • Vegan friendly
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Is Oxygen Bleach the same as Green Bleach?

Yes! Oxygen bleach is also known as green bleach, natural bleach or sodium percarbonate. These are all the same thing.

What is Oxygen Bleach?

Oxygen bleach, also known as oxygenated bleach or sodium percarbonate, is a non-toxic and biodegradable alternative to chlorine bleach. It is composed of sodium carbonate (washing soda) and hydrogen peroxide.

How is Oxygen Bleach made?

Oxygen bleach is made from sodium carbonate (soda crystals) and hydrogen peroxide.

What's the difference between oxygen bleach and regular chlorine bleach?

Oxygen bleach is a great alternative to chlorine bleach as it is safer for humans and the environment.

Chlorine bleach is caustic (corrosive) and can causes skin irritation, respiratory issues, and damage to fabrics if not used properly. Chlorine bleach is highly reactive and when mixed with other substances such as acids or ammonia, can release toxic fumes.

Chlorine bleach is very toxic to waterways and the environment, unlike oxygen bleach which is non-toxic, biodegradable and when used properly, safe for waterways.

How does Oxygen Bleach work?

When dissolved in water, oxygen bleach releases oxygen ions, which act as a powerful stain remover and disinfectant. These oxygen ions break down stains and organic matter, leaving behind cleaner and brighter surfaces.

Is Oxygen Bleach safe for the environment?

Yes, oxygen bleach is safe for the environment. It breaks down into oxygen, water, and soda ash, making it non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It does not produce harmful residues or toxic byproducts.

Is Oxygen Bleach safe for coloured fabrics?

Yes, oxygen bleach is safe for coloured fabrics. Unlike chlorine bleach, which can cause fading or damage to coloured garments, oxygen bleach is gentle and will not bleach or discolour fabrics if used correctly.

Can Oxygen Bleach be used on delicate fabrics?

Yes, oxygen bleach can be used on delicate fabrics. It is gentle and non-abrasive, making it suitable for use on delicate materials such as wool, silk, and synthetic blends.

However, it is always recommended to spot test in an inconspicuous area before using on delicate fabrics.

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