Beeswax Dinner Candles - Large Handmade Taper Candles

Beeswax Dinner Candles - Large Handmade Taper Candles 
Beeswax Dinner Candles - Large Handmade Taper Candles 
Beeswax Dinner Candles - Large Handmade Taper Candles 
Beeswax Dinner Candles - Large Handmade Taper Candles 

Beeswax Dinner Candles - Large Handmade Taper Candles

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Description - Handmade Raw Beeswax Dinner Candles

These are raw beeswax handmade candles using an ancient technique passed down through generations in Hertfordshire.

By "raw", we mean the wax is extracted from hives and is 100% natural. The majority of "beeswax" on the market is a factory blend of cheap waxes, chemicals and only 10-20% raw beeswax.

Using raw beeswax with no fillers means these candles burn longer and more evenly and with less soot.

The beeswax is triple-filtered and of the highest quality. Being natural and handmade, each candle will be unique in shape and colour.

To use, “stick” a candle to your candle holder by dripping a few drops of melted beeswax on your candle holder cup or simply sharpen the base of the candle to fit the candleholder’s eye.

These come as either two or three candles together. The two packs are unpackaged whereas the three packs are wrapped in paper with a kraft tag - perfect for gifts!

  • Two/Three Taper Dinner Candles
  • Approx. 20cm high by 2cm wide
  • Burn time approx 4hrs per candle
  • Handmade with ancient techniques in Hertfordshire, UK
  • Made using high-quality, triple-filtered beeswax
  • Plastic-free packaging

About The Maker

Five Bees Yard is a family project connecting people with nature. They are third-generation beekeepers who take pride in keeping things as simple and as close to nature as possible.

They have three apiaries where they keep bees using generations of experience, applying the same methods as their grandparents.

As a company, they only use natural beeswax and have a great understanding of bees' needs. They do not add any chemicals or bleachers to the beeswax. What you get is what the bees produce, and nothing more.

Using only 100% natural beeswax (as opposed to synthetic factory-made beeswax) means their candles vary in colour and scent. 

Five Bees Yard handmake each of their candles using ancient techniques and triple-filtered, pure beeswax. This involves an unbleached cotton wick, liquid beeswax and their hands. No machines, moulds or forms.

Their apiary is ethically run. They do not use any chemicals in or around the hives. The beeswax is not bleached which means each batch can vary from light yellow, intense yellow or orange to different shades of brown. It all depends on which part of the hive beeswax comes from and which plant the bees collect nectar from.

Why Beeswax?

Beeswax is said to be the only fully natural and healthy option among all types of wax. Pure and natural beeswax burns cleanly, producing less soot and lasting longer.

Beeswax candles are thought to emit negative ions, cleaning and improving air quality as they burn, therefore, switching to beeswax candles can improve allergy symptoms.

Beeswax candles create a nice, warm light and emit a honey scent. They are known to give bright light similar to the sun which helps improve mood.

As for the sustainability credentials, beeswax is produced by bees in the process of nectar collection and therefore does not require human intervention, unlike deforestation caused by soy plantations.

Paraffin candles are made with petrochemicals and soy candles go through chemical processes. Beeswax is the most natural wax used for centuries.

Care Info

Lighting the candle for the first time

Tilt the candle to one side and put the flame to the wick. Keep it there for longer than usual to make sure the flame not only catches the wick but the beeswax itself.

Beewax has a very high melting point at a minimum of 63c compared to 30-45c for paraffin or soy wax. This means it requires a much stronger wick that in turn needs more time to fire up and keep going.

First burn

This is the most important part to get right. If you burn the candle too long, it will produce more soot and reduce it's overall burn time. If you burn for too short, the candle might tunnel.

To burn evenly, try to keep the candle in a place with no drafts, no air con, no chimney or fireplace nearby. 

Ensure that when you light the candle, the wick and beeswax are burning/melting well before you pull away your match.

Let the candle burn until you see a pool of wax across the whole candle. If you prefer shorter burning times, smaller candles would suit you well. If you prefer longer burning times, choose a larger candle. 

Keep the wick trimmed at 4-5mm. The longer the wick, the higher the flame and chances of soot and decreased performance.  Whenever the flame is too strong or flickering is a good time to trim to 4-5mm.

General candle info and safety

Raw beeswax will "bloom". This is a natural process where low melting point oils in beeswax start getting to the surface of the candle. It results in covering the candle with white tiny crystals.

Blooming is a sign of high-quality natural beeswax. Some people prefer this vintage look of blooming while others prefer the yellow colour of beeswax, in this case just buff out the candle with a soft cloth.

Never leave a lit candle unattended. Pay special attention if children or animals live with you.

Be cautious where you place your candle. They should not be placed directly on furniture as the high temperature may discolour the surface and any beeswax spillage may mark the furniture. Please use a suitable tray or candle holder that is heat resistant.

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