Compostable Sponge

Plastic Free Compostable Sponge-Green Pear Eco
Plastic Free Compostable Sponge-Green Pear Eco
Plastic Free Compostable Sponge-Green Pear Eco
Plastic Free Compostable Sponge-Green Pear Eco

Compostable Sponge

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Description - Compostable Sponge

A fully home compostable, UK made sponge to replace synthetic sponges. Made from natural renewable resources and 100% plastic-free.

  • Made in the UK
  • Home compostable at the end of life
  • Great for cleaning all around the home
  • Durable, highly absorbent and reusable
  • Absorb and retain up to 10 times its dry weight in water

What's it made from?

Made from natural renewable resources, cotton, wood pulp & flax

Why is it eco-friendly?

Did you know? Classic, synthetic sponges emit micro-plastic pollution! Some studies have shown a synthetic kitchen sponge harbours more bacteria than typically found in a toilet.

As well as this, the standard polyurethane foam sponges are supposed to be changed up to once a week! That's a lot of plastic sponges heading straight to landfill.

To prevent the build up of nasty bacteria, it's recommended to use bleach for a daily intensive clean.

Not. Very. Eco. Friendly.

Enter the UK made compostable sponge. Completely plastic-free, easy to clean, reusable, durable and highly absorbent. Everything the traditional sponge isn't!

At the end of life, instead of it sitting in landfill for hundreds of years to come, these can be cut up and added to your home compost.

Not only that, they're made entirely from natural, renewable resources - not plastic.

Product Care

Wring out and allow to air dry after use. 

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