Bamboo Safety Razor

Plastic Free Bamboo Safety Razor-Green Pear Eco
Plastic Free Bamboo Safety Razor-Green Pear Eco

Bamboo Safety Razor

Save money by switching away from single-use
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Safety Razor

This bamboo safety razor was one of our first-ever swaps! It's still going strong to this day which has helped us save loads of money from not having to buy plastic disposables - winner.

  • Includes one razor blade
  • Zero waste - biodegradable packaging and recyclable blades
  • Unisex product - great for men and women alike
  • Zero plastic to landfill unlike disposable razors
  • Earn 36 Pear Points with this product through our reward scheme 🍐

For when the blades go blunt, we sell replacement razor blades. Read more information on this safety razor in our blog post.


What is a Safety Razor?

A safety razor is a great alternative to single-use plastic razors. They use a normal razor blade but safely - there's nothing to be scared about with these.

Each of these safety razors has a unique stem of bamboo, making every handle slightly different in colour and pattern.

What makes plastic free safety razors different to disposable razors? Well once you have the handle, you're set.

You simply replace the fully recyclable razor blades when they're blunt and keep going - unlike the disposable plastic razors, when the blades are blunt, you have to throw away the whole thing. Unrecyclable and not very eco-friendly at all!

What makes a Safety Razor eco-friendly?

The replacement safety razor blades are fully recyclable, unlike disposable razors which are encased in plastic and so can't be recycled.

This means more plastic in landfills. Why not be seal-like smooth and use the best alternative to cartridge razors, for men and women!

The zero-waste razors use one single blade made from stainless steel so the blades are easily recyclable. Double-edge safety razor blades are economical.

Why is a Safety Razor better than disposable razors?

Safety razors have saved us countless plastic disposable razors - all of which are non-recyclable.

Guys and gals, shaving can be a pain but sometimes we've got to get it done. These safety razors provide a closer shave than the regular disposables and work out much cheaper in the long run!

Once you have the safety razor, all you need is to replace the blades (which are really cheap by the way!).

Product care

Make sure you wash it out thoroughly after use. How often the blades need to be replaced depends on shave frequency and hair type, this can vary from a few weeks to months.

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